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1.  Petrokotel-VCKS presents the following production:

1.1. New steam and hot water boilers equiped with the special furnaces for burning low-quality kinds of solid fuel into the High Temperature Fluidised Bed (HTFB).
The termal capacity of the boilers is 7-80 Mw.

Note: When using normal-quality fuel, HTFB boilers efficiency and reliability are improved.

1.2. Conversion performance of the above capacity boilers with traditional furnaces, existing on sites, for the HTFB.

Note: If necessary at the same time, steam boilers could be also converted for hot water output.

The usual scope of works includes:

  • preliminary inspection of the existing boiler;
  • technical calculation and designing;
  • manufacturing;
  • installation;
  • starting-up;
  • testing;
  • guarantee maitenance.

1.3. Manufacturing and supplying with all necessary equipment for the existing boilers conversion for HTFB, including:

  • HTFB furnace with narrow driving inclined fire-bars grating;
  • heating surfaces required;
  • precleaning cyclone fore rough ash collection and re-injection to the furnace;
  • necessary elements of air-gas ducts and ash re-injection duct.

Note: Other auxiliary boiler equipment (fans, pumps, piping elements etc.) is not manufactured, but could be also supplyed by Petrokotel-VCKS.

1.4. New HTFB boilers designing performance (technical documentation).

1.5. Designing performance for existing boilers to be converted for HTFB (technical documentation).

1.6. Technical calculations performance for new HTFB boilers and for existing traditional boilers to be converted.

2.  The main technical advantage.

2.1. The HTFB boilers have following advantage (as compared with traditional bed boilers for solid fuel):

  • the boiler reliability improvement by means of unusing a number of traditional auxiliary devices having probability to refuse;
  • the boilerefficiency improvement up to 85-87% (against 72-80% for traditional bed boilers firing the best quality fuel);
  • operation range enlargement (a possibility to adjust the boiler capacity from 100% up to 20%);
  • nitrogen dioxide emission decreasing up to 150-200 mg/m3 and a possibility to decrease sulphure dioxide emission by means only in-furnace methods;
  • a possibility to use effectively solid fuel in the wide data range (ash content up to 50%). The firing efficiency is 95-98% (depending on the quality of fuel).

The maintenance of HTFB boilers does not require an extra-high qualification for the staff. No special studying required. The short training is sufficient.

2.2. When converting the existing boilers for HTFB thier capacity get possibility to be increased up to 130-150% of the previous capacity because more intensive heat conduction takes place into HTFB. The offered conversion allows to achieve high technical and economical efficiency by means of the minimum reconstruction works.

3.  Approximate prices.

   The offered production and accompanying service prices are dependent on:

  • type and capacity of the boiler;
  • peculiarities of the boiler to be converted;
  • scope of reconstruction (the whole boiler, only the furnace exchange, auxiliary devices required or none);
  • scope of service (installation, starting-up, training and other accompanying works required or none).

   An accordance with the above, the production final price is defined during the contract preparation taking into account the reconstruction version and the scope of works and services.

   The approximate prices of the different works are indicated in the enclosed table.

   Table explanations:
      KE and DKVr - steam boilers;
      KVTS - hot water boilers.

   The following number means the boiler capacity: tons of steam per hour - for steam boilersor 109 calories per hour - for hot water boilers.

   Some experience of our specialists participation in Europian tenders, retating to the same boiler convertion, allows to consider that the offered production is enable to complete successfully with European elaborations.

4.  Conditions of the boiler equipment supplying.

   The boiler supplying is realised in accordance with the contract conditions:

  • separate elements supplying (boiler pipes in packets, produced according to drawings, parts of the furnace, fire-bars in packets etc);
  • partly assembled boiler equipment supplying (furnace heating surfaces, convective heating surfaces in assembly, predeaning cyclone etc).
  • full assembly boiler supply (for small boilers only).

   The boiler equipment delivery could be realised by railway wagons, lorries or marine and river vessels.

   Delivery conditions are regulated by Incoterms.

5.  Petrokotel-VCKS. General information.

   The Limited Responsibility Association Petrokotel-VCKS was founded by the phisical persons (Association employees) and was registered by Administration of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg on the 22th of February, 1992 (registration No.77/35-p) Petrokotel-VCKS has the corresponding license for boiler designing. The new re-registered license No.12Ï-2000/26B is given by Gosgortehnadzor of Russia 26.04.95.

   The main tendentions of Petrokotel s activity correspond to the scope of the work, have been enumerated in section I (p.1).

   Manufacturing, supplying and installation of the boiler equipment, designed by Petrokotel-VCKS, are fulfiled with a help of the specialised and licensed firms.

   All kinds of the contract works fulfiled by other firms, are realised by the Petrokotel s supervision.

   Petrokotel-VCKS has cooperated with a wide circle of customers all around of Russia. Among them are: Aldan-zoloto, Yakut-zoloto, Inta-ugol, Vorkuta-ugol, Kemerovo-ugol, Rostov-ugol (mainly the north-east mining industry regions).

   A row of customers has manufactured complete sets of the reconstruction elements and fulfiled the boiler installation them selves according to Petrokotel technical documentations and under its supervisions. In other cases Petrokotel help customers to find a corresponding manufacturer and/or assebly makers. Petrokotel-VCKS has the high qualification stuff, consisting of experienced engeneers and technical designers.

   Petrokotel-VCKS s financial state is evaluted as stable, the reputation among customers and partners is high.

   The average level of the profits achieved in 2002, is 22.3%.

   Potential markets.

   The most perspective sellers markets for the new HTFB boilers or for the conversion of existing boilers are Asiatic countries, such as China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam and North Corea. There is a reserve of coals like some Russian kinds in this region and also a lot of Soviet boilers required to be exchanged or converted.

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